About Us

Our mission is to deliver the next generation of point-of-sale lending by crafting a straightforward, seamless digital experience. We aim to lower entry barriers and unlock capital for our partners. By connecting qualified borrowers with merchants and a diverse network of capital providers, we endeavor to ensure both our merchants and borrowers Thrive together.

Do the right thing

We strive to treat our partners and our team fairly and kindly. It is one thing to know the right thing to do and another to do it; we will aim for both.

Intellectual Rigor

Our decisions will be made in an environment centered around upon open discourse and thoughtful analysis.

Push the boundaries

Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our partners and borrowers, requiring a willingness to build new products and to work with our capital partners to deliver it.

Technology focused

We aim to deliver fast and easy service at low cost.  We will utilize the latest in fintech innovations to do so